Project Description

The Gentle Breath

Our Breath is our connection to Life; it is the very essence of who we are. Our breath is also a tool that supports us to connect us more deeply to both our physical body and to our essential being. It is our constant companion throughout all of our lifetime; yet despite this, most of the time we don’t give a seconds thought to how we breathe and the impact that bad breathing habits have on our overall health and wellness.

The relationship we have with our breath is well worth exploring and nurturing.

Breathing happens so automatically it can easily be overlooked unless we are experiencing some difficulty with breathing; an adult at rest breathes on average between 17,000 and 24,000 breaths per day (12 – 16 breaths per minute).

The way we breathe, in other words the quality of breath we breathe, affects us on all levels; physiologically and also mentally, emotionally and energetically. It affects our heart rate, blood pressure, nervous system and digestion, along with the quality of our presence and sense of wellbeing.

Our breath is a barometer to our internal states of being, mirroring our thought and emotional patterns. What we feel, the breath registers and responds to accordingly.

In today’s high paced lifestyle, tension and anxiety feature centre stage, and the body & mind registers this as a threat and begins to operate on ‘fight or flight’ mode. Whether these triggers are real or perceived, the breath’s response is to speed up and tighten in an attempt to supply the body and brain with an extra kick of oxygen and energy to cope with the danger it believes it is about to encounter. If stressful thoughts, feelings or situations continue, this response becomes the norm, and we lose touch with our innate ability to return to our natural balance; finding ourselves stuck in a pattern of perpetual tension and anxiety.

The good news however is that in our most stressful circumstances, by becoming aware and mindful of the breath, we can learn to transform our thoughts, emotions and our general state of well being. By choosing to breathe gently and be gentle throughout our day helps us to remain steady, so we are not affected by situations outside of us or by the world around us. As the breath naturally deepens and softens with Mindfulness, the nervous system rebalances, the heart rate drops, the blood pressure lowers and the whole body & mind becomes calm.

The Gentle Breath Program

This program has been designed to create awareness around some of the bad breathing habits many of us have developed. This program will teach you how to breathe optimally, offering both many different techniques & practices on how to breathe better.

The Gentle Breath program will teach you how to consciously change the depth, rhythm and rate of your breath to hack the messages transmitted from the body’s respiratory system to the neural pathways in the brain. Also you will learn to create coherence within your Autonomic Nervous System, plus the ability to choose Parasympathetic System activation.

There are so many mental, physical, emotional & spiritual; benefits, such as:

  • Reducing Stress Response

  • Strengthened Immune System

  • Enhanced Lung Capacity

  • Improved Metabolism & Digestion

  • Muscle Tension Relief & Recovery

  • Become grounded and trusting in life, yourself & others.

  • Expression of Repressed Emotions.

  • Enhance Creativity & Expression.
  • Increase Peace, Clarity & Joy.

  • Access Higher State of Consciousness.

The Gentle Breath Program, offered online or onsite, can be designed as a:

  • Six Week Program – One hour sessions

  • Half Day Introductory Workshop

  • Full Day Workshop

  • Community Groups

  • Schools

  • Workplace – Employee Wellness

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