The Gentle Lifestyle programs, workshops, talks & blog are designed for those who are beginners on their path to Mindful Living, as well as those who’ve walked it for some time.

What I offer here are simple teachings and tips for everyday people who want practical ways to become more present and calm in the midst of their busy & often stressful lives.

If that sounds like it’s for you, I invite you to join me in learning how to cultivate your own practice of meditation and mindfulness in daily life, learning how to work skilfully with difficult emotions and thoughts, as well as powerful methods to help you respond rather than react and make wiser life choices. Learn how to truly reawaken a new sense of inner peace and greater sense of meaning, purpose and wellbeing in your life, by taking away powerful tools and insights, allowing you to live your life with a sense of ease, passion and peace, skills that will last a lifetime.